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Phone: (201) 886-0800
Toll Free: 1-888-45-SMART

The Listing Police

The correct way to “police” a listing is to have a plan and a goal; stick with it, monitor it and adjust it if necessary!

We have an open line of communication with weekly feedback provided by the agent to the Landlord in order to evaluate market activity and develop strategies. Yes, we “police” your listing.

We electronically email a list of comparable properties currently for rent. We keep you up to date on comparable properties Recently Rented.

Daily, we follow the supply and demand of comparable units since they will affect price and market activity. The Landlord will be emailed a list of all of the rentals that had a price change, price increase or price reduction.

List with Us

SMART agents understand they have a responsibility to the Landlord to effectively market their listing in order to earn their commission.  With the execution of the listing agreement the seller and the agent discuss a specific marketing plan in order to increase traffic and exposure.

Increased traffic and showings will increase the chances of procuring a tenant.   We employ all the strategies listed below and manage the listing by initiating an aggressive marketing campaign. 

At SMART our internet marketing is the most advanced in the marketplace.
We highlight your home – not our company!

Your listing is constantly monitored and updated on multiple internet portals.   We have two staff members who work exclusively with your listing to give it the best exposure on the internet.  

Effective marketing and constant monitoring the listing is imperative to obtain that goal. We “refresh” your listing several times per week in order for it to get maximum exposure and placement.

Post and Refresh

We “refresh” your listing several times per week in order for it to get maximum exposure and placement. Your listing gets posted not only on SMART Rentals, but on 12 other real estate portals.

Our staff constantly monitors your listing’s activity and updates it, accordingly.  We have a wide range of resources to increase traffic, which increases the chance of procuring a qualified tenant quickly. 

Your tenant undergoes the scrutiny of a credit check and fills out a comprehensive rental application for your review.