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Rent vs Purchase

Conventional wisdom was to save your money to purchase rather than simply rent.  Renting was seen as being equivalent to throwing money away.

That wisdom is now in question since home prices do not always go higher.  Even in a flat market you can pay too high a price in relation to rental value.

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About You

Are you a renter for life?
Are you relocating due to work, need more space, looking for better schools, easier transportation?
Do you move every few years?
Are you holding off buying because you think prices are going down?

Why Us

For years, real estate companies were in the business of providing information. Today information can be found very easily on the Internet from many different websites where millions of listings can be found.

Smart Rentals provides service and expertise.

After you find your rental we guide you through the maze of forms, disclosures, contingencies, inspections and the myriad of details involved in renting a home.

Over 87% of buyers use the Internet as their first source. SMART Rentals is your 100% solution.